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Version: 3.3.0


Integrate into Existing Apps#

If you integrate JSONClasses into an existing app, just install it with pip.

pip install jsonclasses

Integration packages are also installed with pip.

pip install jsonclasses-pymongopip install jsonclasses-server

A JSONClasses Server#

If you create a JSONClasses app and get the free automatic RESTful CRUD routes, this is the coolest. Follow this guide with the great CLI tool, you can create a running server under several minutes.

Create a Virtual Env#

Create a new directory and setup Python's virtual env inside of it.

mkdir first-projectcd first-projectpython3.10 -m venv .venvsource .venv/bin/activate

Generate Starter Code#

Install JSONClasses CLI by typing this command.

pip install jsonclasses-cli

With JSONClasses CLI, we can easily create a new project.

jsonclasses new .

The CLI tool will prompt you for some answers, just press return or enter to use the default option.

Run the Server#

After the project is setup, type flask run to run the generated app. A server is running and waiting for your HTTP requests now.