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Version: 3.3.0

Change Log

Version 3.3.0 (Feb 24th, 2022)#

  • [Server] Revert to stable Python web server

Version 3.2.1 (Jan 25th, 2022)#

  • [Server] Stability improvements
  • [Server] Bug fixes

Version 3.2.0 (Jan 24th, 2022)#

  • [Core] Added subtype to field definition
  • [Core] datetime now uses UTC timezone by default
  • [Core] User config now accepts both camelcase and underscore case
  • [Core] Rename @jsonclass parameter key strategies
  • [Core] @jsonclass now accepts string literal 'identical', 'camelize' and 'underscore' as parameter
  • [Core] Record an object's previous id if it's modified
  • [Core] Use inflection-plus which is a very fast string inflection library
  • [Core] Fixed a bug which ignores ids value on init and set
  • [Pymongo] Added string id support
  • [Pymongo] Remove _containsi, _prefixi, _suffixi and _matchi
  • [Pymongo] Use {'_mode': 'caseInsensitive'} to represent case insensitive search
  • [Pymongo] Supported primitive _neq and _null query
  • [Pymongo] Supported query with null
  • [Pymongo] datetime uses UTC timezone by default
  • [Pymongo] Noted qsparser as required dependency
  • [Pymongo] Use key encoding and decoding strategy in configuration
  • [Pymongo] Read database URL from user configuration file
  • [Pymongo] Do not export Connection class from the package anymore
  • [Server] Switched to thunderlight server
  • [CLI] Generate TypeScript package
  • [CLI] Generate Swift package

Version 3.1.4 (Nov 11th, 2021)#

  • [Core] oneof supports modifier pipeline and callable
  • [Core] Added missing tests for hexcolor transforming
  • [Core] Added fmt modifier
  • [Core] map modifier supports pipeline
  • [Core] filter modifier supports pipeline
  • [Core] Added local file system uploader
  • [Server] Flask supports local file system uploader
  • [Server] FastAPI supports local file system uploader
  • [Server] Fixed FastAPI AWS uploading bug
  • [CLI] Do not install orjson by default for FastAPI projects
  • [CLI] Added start server message to FastAPI projects

Version 3.1.3 (Nov 10th, 2021)#

  • [Core] Object include can include join table records
  • [Pymongo] Object include support for join table records
  • [CLI] Added interactive console
  • [CLI] Install all FastAPI dependencies for FastAPI projects
  • [Server] Bug fixes
  • [CLI] Bug fixes

Version 3.1.2 (Nov 10th, 2021)#

  • [Docs] Renovated documentation
  • [Server] Fixed JWT importing bug
  • [Server] Fixed FastAPI initializing bugs
  • [CLI] Bug fixes

Version 3.1.1 (Nov 10th, 2021)#

  • [Core] Operator assigning by asop and asopd now uses id
  • [Core] isobj now can uses class name and id to compare
  • [Core] fval now can return id reference
  • [Core] Added object method include to JObject
  • [Core] Added query method ids to ORMObject
  • [Core] Added fobj modifier
  • [Core] Added hexcolor modifier
  • [Pymongo] Added tests for object level include
  • [Pymongo] Implement ids query method
  • [Server] Set user itself as operator after signed in
  • [Server] Set operator to get requests
  • [Core] Bug fixes
  • [CLI] Bug fixes

Version 3.1.0 (Nov 5th, 2021)#

  • [Core] Support insertion and removal into linked local key lists
  • [Pymongo] Fixed multiword bug when including
  • [Pymongo] Fixed multiword bug when ordering
  • [Pymongo] Support insertion and removal into linked local key lists
  • [CLI] Added CLI, a great user experience way to create new project

Version 3.0.2 (Oct 29th, 2021)#

  • [Core] Do not output partial non-picked fields to JSON
  • [Core] Do not output null value to JSON by default
  • [Core] Added output_null option to @jsonclass
  • [Pymongo] Add inflection as formal dependency
  • [Server] Added unit tests

Version 3.0.1 (Oct 28th, 2021)#

  • [Core] Added modifier len
  • [Core] Added modifier securepw
  • [Core] Auto install inflection package
  • [Pymongo] Added compare descriptors in string query
  • [Core] Bug fixes
  • [Pymongo] Bug fixes
  • [Server] Bug fixes