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Version: 3.3.0

Data Validation

Performing data validation with JSONClasses is quite simple. It's as simple as calling a validate method. You can also use is_valid property to test if an object is valid.

@jsonclassclass Article:    title: str = types.str.required    content: str = types.str.minlength(100).required

article = Article(title='Best Travel Places', content='Not enough length...')article.validate() # throws Validation Exceptionarticle.is_valid # False

Collecting Error Messages#

By default, the validate method throws when it finds an invalid value. Sometimes, let's say, on form validation, you'd like to collect all error messages. In this case, you can decorate the class with a configuration.

@jsonclass(validate_all_fields=True)class MyForm:    name: str    title: str

MyForm(**input).validate() # validate all fields

You can also pass the instruction to validate method as an optional argument.

@jsonclassclass YetAnotherForm:    name: str    title: str

# This validates all fieldsYetAnotherForm(**input).validate(all_fields=True)

Validation Modifiers#

By default, data type modifiers like str, int, etc... validates field values against it's type. The required modifier raises if field value is None. There are a lot of common and useful modifiers like url, email, length, min, max, gt, match, etc... For a complete list of validation modifiers, see Types Modifiers.

Custom Validation Rule and Message#

If builtin validation modifiers cannot satisfy your validation requirements, you can pass a custom callback to the validate modifier.

@jsonclassclass OddLengthPassword:    name: Optional[str]    password: str = types.str.validate(lambda p: len(p) % 2 == 0).required

In this callback, if you return a string, this string is treated the desired error message.

@jsonclassclass OddLengthPasswordWithMessage:    name: Optional[str]    password: str = types.str.validate(lambda p: None if len(p) % 2 == 0 else 'password is not odd length').required

You may want to take advantage with tye types pipeline. Use vmsg modifier.

@jsonclassclass User:    password: str = types.str.vmsg(types.minlength(8), "Password should be at least 8 in length!")